LP SolidStart Engineered Wood Products

If you’re looking for quality engineered wood products then check out the durable range from LP that we supply Australia-wide.

365bet开户平台Made in America, LP’s SolidStart engineered wood products range is superior to timber for a whole array of reasons. For starters, LP’s SolidStart products are stronger and more consistent which allows for greater design options such as longer spans. Made of lighter material, they’re easier and quicker to use than timber during construction. They’re also sustainably produced and each comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

LP SolidStart l-Joists

365bet开户平台When compared to timber, LP SolidStart l-Joists are lighter, Stronger and Straighter. If you use l-Joists to building a ceiling or a floor you’ll also need fewer pieces to get the job done. They make building easier, cleaner and quicker.

l-Joists also come in greater lengths and depths than timber. Given their strength, they can be cantilevered which gives you more floor and roof framing options.

We supply traditional solid sawn or engineered LVL flianges in flange widths of 53, 63, 70 or 89mm. Depths range from 200 up to 400mm.

LP SolidStart Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)

If you’re looking for a strong, straight and durable engineered wood product with an impressive load-bearing capacity then choose LP SolidStart LVL. Along with the other benefits that engineered wood products provide, these have remarkable design flexibility.

LP SolidStart LVL comes in a diverse range of thicknesses 35, 45, 63 or 75mm. and depths ranging from 90 to 525mm. Weather-resistant coating is also available.

LP SolidStart Rim Board

LP SolidStart rib boards fit perfectly with LP’s l-Joists and LVL beams. Using LP’s rim boards means construction is completed faster. There’s no need for field ripping or creating flat surfaces for side installation.

As part of a floor or roof framing system, LP rim boards provide solid support for any type of wall load. their high load capacity removes the requirement for squash blocks in most multi-story applications.

LP’s rim boards are 32mm thick and range in depth from 241 to 610mm. their standard lengths are 3.66 or 4.88mm.


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