James Hardie® Building Products And Materials

Innovative and practical are two ways to describe James Hardie’s quality products. They’re also two reasons why we’re an authorised distributor of their fibre cement building products and materials in Sydney.

When installed and looked after properly, James Hardie’s composite construction products are resistant to external elements such as fire, moisture and termites. While they’ve likewise been made to be resistant to shrinking, swelling and cracking, they’re also aesthetically appealing and easy to work with.

Being durable and low maintenance, James Hardie’s building products and materials make it possible for you to create buildings that are exceptionally energy efficient.

The following James Hardie fibre cement products are a selection of their full range that we stock and provide.

Scyon™ Cement Composite Products

Scyon™ cladding and flooring products offer heavy duty performance and enhanced workability. Eight years of R&D have gone into the Scyon range and it has resulted in the creation of advanced cement composite products that are easy to cut, gun nail, handle and install. Included among the Scyon range that we can supply you with are:

  • Linea™ pre-primed and easy to install weatherboards
  • Stria™ pre-primed cladding which are available in three profiles
  • Secura™ interior and exterior flooring which is much quicker to install than conventional compressed sheets
  • Axon™ pre-primed vertical cladding
  • Matrix™ pre-primed cladding range for eye catching designs

365bet开户平台The above and other Scyon products have proved to be so successful, they’ve redefined industry expectations about what can be done with fibre cement.

ExoTec® Facade Panel and Fixing System

The ExoTec is a robust, low-maintenance and impact resistant fibre cement board. It is designed for commercial scale buildings and comes in an array of panel patterns.

Easylap™ Panel

The Easylap panel is a solid base sheet with a ship-lap vertical joint which means you don’t need a vertical set or a control joint.

Villaboard® Lining

365bet开户平台Appropriate for both commercial and residential applications, Villaboard lining offers much greater resistance to moisture damage when compared to plasterboard and other non-fibre cement linings. Villaboard lining can be painted, wall papered or tiled and used for internal bracing purposes.

Versilux® Lining

Versilux lining is used as an internal lining for walls and ceilings but can also be put to use with external eaves and soffits. Able to provide high impact resistance, Versilux lining is supplied sanded and pre-sealed.

ARChitectural™ Invibe™ and Inraw™ Panels

James Hardie’s pre-finished panels offer a broad range of options for both interior wall and ceiling commercial applications. Panels come in 13 colours with either a gloss or satin finish.

365bet开户平台If you’d like to learn more about the James Hardie range of fibre cement products, visit their .

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