The Finest Timber Flooring Solutions In Sydney

If you’re looking for a respected building supplier in Sydney capable of providing a broad range of timber flooring options, then see what we can offer you here or on display at our Northmead showroom.


Turpentine is a very sturdy timber that makes a very durable timber flooring. Its fine and even texture makes it appear comparable to the redder types of Brush Box. Turpentine heartwood is reddish brown while its sapwood is much paler.


365bet开户平台Cypress is a very distinctive softwood which is resistant to termite attacks. It can be heavily knotted, giving it an individual look. Heartwood is generally in shades of brown where sapwood is a pale yellow.


365bet开户平台Blackbutt, sometimes referred to as Coastal Blackbutt, appears pale brown with an occasional pink tinge. The grain is normally straight, and it one of the most common species of hardwood commercially available from the coastal forests of New South Wales.

Sydney Blue Gum

Sydney Blue Gum, also known simply as Blue Gum, has a coarse and even texture. Its heartwood ranges from dark pink to red brown while sapwood is much paler. Gum veins are common.

Brush Box

365bet开户平台Aesthetically pleasing, Brush Box naturally varies in colour from a pinkish grey to a rich reddish brown. Its texture is fine and even. It has some fiddle back features.


365bet开户平台Respected around the world, Jarrah is one of the toughest and long-lasting flooring species available on the timber market. Its distinctive colour tones range from dark rich red to rich browns.


365bet开户平台Karri timber is moderately coarse and has an even texture. Its heartwood is pale pink to an earthy reddish brown while its sapwood is whitish and easy to distinguish.

Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum timber flooring comes in a wide range of colours, ranging from pale to dark brown, soft creams and greens. There are obvious colour differences between Spotted Gum timber from Queensland and New South Wales. It’s a sturdy timber that can have a wavy grain.

Rose Gum

Rose Gum, also called Flooded Gum or Scrub Gum, is pale pink to light red brown in colour. It’s a versatile timber with a straight grain and an even texture.

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You can see our range of imported and Australian hardwood timber flooring stock at our showroom in Northmead.

365bet开户平台If you want to know about costs, just phone us for an up to date quote. Depending on what type of timber flooring you order and the amount you want, a delivery could take 24 hours to a full week. Typically orders are delivered within a 24 – 36 hour time frame.

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